Digital Enlightenment Now!

Digital Enlightenment Now! TitelWhy we need Digital Enlightenment – now!

During the Enlightenment of the 18th century societies in Europe threw of oppressive regimes, freed cities from the bondage of the medieval estate-based society, and defined a set of basic human rights that helped shape their sense of self to this day. Today, we as citizens of an increasingly digitized and networked world are in a similar situation. We, too, need the muster the confidence and creativity to rethink rules, values and categories that define our society and the courage to dare to think for ourselves, as Immanuel Kant, the father of modern Enlightenment, demanded in his famous dictum “sapere aude!”

Tim Cole is an expert on Internet, eBusiness. Social Web and IT Security. Born 1950 in Washington, he has lived in Germany for over 40 years, pursuing a career as a journalist, book author, TV moderator and public speaker on technology trends and their impact on business processes and markets.

Ossi Urchs (‚1954 †2014), public speaker, moderator and TV expert, was the original German „Internet Guru“, not only because of his signature red dreadlocks. His formed a successful media production company, FFT, joined Tim Cole as moderator of the TV show “E-Talk” on n-tv, the German cnn affiliate.

Now available on in paperback at and as a Kindle eBook

ISBN 9783734768385

Über Tim Cole

I may very well be the oldest German Internet Blogger. My latest book is entitled "Digital Enlightenment", and you can find excerpts on my main blog. Please join me on Facebook (, watch my YouTube videos ( listen to my latest podcasts (
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